Advocate Agent Anniversary

It’s been one year since I had the incredible opportunity to speak at Inman Connect in San Francisco and I’m blown away by the response the talk continues to receive. With 4,500 in attendance on the day and over 10,000 views since, I continue to receive feedback that other real estate professionals are looking to utilize their businesses to advocate for others. If you’ve never seen the talk before, you can watch the video.

In all honestly, it’s been very difficult to continue to keep up the advocacy work as the business has grown, and it’s concerned me at times. New Hope Community Services continue to weight on my heart, and early in November we will be hosting the second annual ‘Realtor Monopoly’ fundraiser for them. Last year’s event can be seen here – I’m also in talks about another fundraiser for them early in the New Year. There are other plans in the works too to ensure advocacy remains at the heart of all that we do.