Lindsay’s Corner

As we slip into the season of cozy sweaters and holiday celebrations the spring market seems a long way off BUT there are some things you might want to consider taking care of now.

Often we spend a lot of time thinking about all of the details inside our homes that need attention but the truth is curb appeal (or the lack thereof) is what potential buyers are going to notice first.

We asked our friends at Cedar Rim Nursery to give us their best tips for late fall lawn care that will help ensure your outdoor space is look its best when we all start to come out of hibernation.

Aerate or de-thatch: If not done in the spring you can de-thatch your lawn or, in bad cases of soil compaction, ideally done in September, aerating your lawn later is still ok as long as the soil is not frozen.

Apply moss killer: If you have existing moss, apply liquid moss killer now while the weather is still warm. This will help prevent moss build-up over the winter.

Correct PH by liming: Due to our naturally acidic soil, caused by our wet climate, it is good to correct the pH by sweetening the soil with lime in both Fall & Spring.

Shorten Length of Grass: Begin to shorten the length of grass. In the summer it is best to have a lawn length of 3”-4”, while in the winter the length should be 2”–2 1/2”. This allows the lawn to stay drier through the winter months.

Late October/November: Fertilize with a winterizer lawn food such as 6-8-6 and continue to shorten the length of grass when you cut.

Rake Leaves: Leaves left on the grass over winter will smother the lawn and cause brown patches. Remove them as quickly as possible.

Over seeding: Once we have reached mid-November it is a little late for over seeding as the temperatures are just too low for seed to germinate. Do this in the spring as soon as temperatures rise consistently above 10°C (50 Fahrenheit).

Remember: The more you do to your lawn in the fall the less you have to do in the spring.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Cedar Rim Nursery we highly recommend you do; they are super knowledgeable, friendly, and have great big hearts. As David mentioned our Realtor Monopoly event was a HUGE success and Cedar Rim helped make it so by donating a generous door prize.

– Lindsay