The Pitfalls of Subject To Sale Offers

‘Pick Your Poison’

I know we’re supposed to pretend all real estate transactions are super simple and stress free, but the reality is that as much as we try to minimize the challenges there are some that are simply inherent to the process. One of these challenges is that whether you choose to sell or buy first, there’s going to be a season when you’re in limbo. You’ve either sold and haven’t yet purchased your property, or you’ve got an accepted offer and not yet sold your current home. Both can be stressful situations, and when considering the options I’ve often told clients they need to ‘pick their poison.’

So, which position is better to be in? Is it better to sell first and then buy, or try to buy with a subject to the sale of your own home? Our consistent advice is to sell first and then buy, not because it’s super fun to potentially be homeless in a couple of months, but because the pitfalls of a subject to sale offer are often worse.

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Simple Money Magazine Article – Three Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying My First Home

I’m honoured to have been asked to write the below article for Simple Money Magazine. Read the beginning here and jump over to their website if you’d like to read the rest after subscribing.

Three Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying My First Home

Don’t rely on a spur-of-the-moment impulse when it comes to one of your biggest financial decisions. Because although you might get lucky—you also might not.

Home is where our stories are written. It’s where babies are brought home from the hospital and where family comes to stay over the holidays. It’s where neighbors become lifelong friends.

It’s also where we argue about the bills, where we find unexpected expenses, and where our relationships can be most tested. Home is a unique place.

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We Did It Again!

Those of you that received last month’s newsletter will remember our first attempt at bringing a chef into a home to feature the kitchen, The Chef Video Idea, and it worked! That home had 10 direct competitors but we sold within 10 days and it’s already completed! Well, we’re doing it again! This time for a spectacular view home in South Surrey, this time with Chef Alistair Veen from Tap Restaurant in South Surrey. Make sure to checkout the video below, and to share, which always helps us achieve the best results for our clients by increasing the organic reach. If you’ve got questions about how to market your home, make sure to reach out. Enjoy!

You Had Me At ‘Back Up’

With the majority of markets across the Fraser Valley returning to fairly normal balanced markets or low sellers markets we’ve seen the return of back-up offers being submitted, and successfully leveraged!

Prior to the last few months there wasn’t too much point in submitting a back-up, if a buyer had gone to all the effort of winning in multiple offers they were very, very likely to remove their subjects – if there even were any subjects.
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Lindsay’s Corner – Fort Langley Food & Beer Festival 2019

Hello friends! I know it’s hard to believe (especially given the buckets of rain coming down pretty darn frequently these days) but May long weekend really is just around the corner, and that means, so is the Fort Langley beer and food festival! The David Smith Homes Group is proud to be one of the sponsors of this event for the second year in a row. We are going to be on site for the entire event and we hope you’ll come on over to our tent and say hello. Did you know that in addition to being the real mastermind behind the David Smith Homes Group (right Dave?), I’m also pretty handy with a camera? It’s true! I’ve run a photography business since 2011. We thought it would be awesome to have a little photo booth set up at our tent so that you can swing by and have me document all the fun you’re having. It’s going to be a fantastic afternoon requiring lots of sustenance in both liquid and solid form so make sure you stop by to see our friends at Blacksmith Bakery (also on site) to fill your bellies with some delicious food. Click HERE for more information and to purchase tickets.

See you there!