What’s Love Got To Do With It?

One of the things that sets us apart at David Smith Homes Group is how seriously we take emotions in the home buying and selling process. One of the first questions we ask is, ‘how are you feeling about the process?’ We get responses all over the emotional spectrum from excited to terrified. This focus on the emotions is more than a gimmick, it really does have an impact on how we serve our clients. So, practically, how do those emotions influence the way we work together? Let’s take a look at some examples:

If you’re confused, then we take extra time to educate. We make sure you know exactly what you’re doing every step of the way. You’re made to feel you can ask any question, at any time, just as it should be.

If you’re excited, we’ll try to keep that excitement level up, without putting you in a compromising situation where it gets the better of you and you buy a home we know you’ll regret.

If you’re heartbroken, maybe selling a home you have incredible memories in, we’ll be sensitive to that, sometimes we’ve even ordered pictures of a home to be painted and printed nicely as a memento. Maybe instead of reading a cover letter about the next family to live there, you’d prefer not to know.

If you’re happy, then we’ll do everything we can to keep it that way! Ultimately that’s what we want.

If you’re overwhelmed, we’ll only ever go at your pace, as long as it doesn’t threaten to get in the way of your goals. We’ll remind you constantly that you’re the one in control.

If you fall in love, we’ll remind you that we might be being recorded during a showing, so let’s not shout from the rooftops how much we love the kitchen!

And if you couldn’t care less, i.e. not feeling anything, then we’ll try to wake you up because unless you’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars to play with without any worries, then there’s an appropriate degree of emotion that should be at play!

Emotions really do play into a home buying and/or home selling process. If you’d like to talk to us about your real estate needs, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’ll take care of the practical and emotional considerations throughout the journey.

Lindsay’s Corner – Help Buyers Love Your Home

When it comes to selling your home you want potential buyers to fall in love. As much as we encourage Buyers to use their heads to make decisions (Does the location work? Is it big enough? Will it be functional for your family?) we all know that a HUGE part of what motivates people to write an offer is how they feel and what their hearts are telling them. When Buyers walk in and have that “this is it!” moment you’d better believe that a big part of it is because of the staging. A well laid out room with cozy touches makes it so much easier for Buyers to imagine themselves living there. Sellers, don’t underestimate the power of staging! I could go on and on but for now let’s focus on three main tips:

1) Curb Appeal

All of the cliches about first impressions are true. How your home looks from the outside is the first impression a Buyer gets when they pull up so make it a good one! It’s the dead of winter and all of a sudden the lower mainland has decided to look more like the prairies than the west coast so I get that your yard and outdoor space isn’t exactly picture perfect but you can still give it a spruce. If there’s snow on the ground make sure your driveway, sidewalk, and walk ways are all shovelled and clear. If you have a front yard/garden make sure all of the dead vegetation has been cut back and cleared away. Add a bit of colour to your entry way with a winter planter (there are actually LOTS of options and our friends at Cedar Rim Nursery are fountains of information on this topic…tell them we sent you!).

2) De-Clutter

Ok friends…I know the excitement of all of our New Year’s resolutions is kind of waring off and despite our best efforts we haven’t become Marie Kondo the second but honestly, this is a big one if you’re staging your house for sale. Get rid of all of the crap. I know it’s hard…I have two small children who undo all of my efforts as fast as they possibly can but you’ve just got to do it. Clear off counter tops, edit your closets, and convince yourself you don’t need four couches in your living room. Trust me. You don’t.

3). Return rooms to their original use

Look, I’m as big a fan of the “who needs a dining room when it can be an office” look as much as the next girl but Buyers are going to naturally respond better to staging that reflects the true use of the space. So, a dining room should be a dining room, a secondary sitting room should be a sitting room (not a play room, not a craft room, etc.). Again, I know it’s so much easier said than done but it really makes a difference.

If you’re feeling daunted by getting your house ready for new Buyers to fall in love with please don’t hesitate to reach out! I do staging consultations for our Sellers and I’m more than happy to come and help!

Advocate Agents

Recently I had the opportunity to speak on the topic of ‘The Advocate Agent’ at the Banff Western Connection Conference. Aware of the irony of giving a talk about talking about others, I partnered with Jeremy Pue of White Cloud Productions to share these three stories of other Realtors advocacy work. Thank you for your contributions, Ty Corsie, Tamara Baltic, Ashley Chalmers, and Dave Masson – you are all an inspiration. I’m proud to work in this industry alongside you and many others doing great things!

Goal Setting Blog

We’re well on our way into 2019 now and we hope you’re hitting your goals so far! David was asked to teach a goal setting seminar at the brokerage recently, and it was followed up with a blog post below:

‘I have teared up at more possessions than my clients have. I’m invested in this whole real estate thing! I genuinely love the opportunity to serve people in meeting their real estate needs. Now, someone pass me a Kleenex.’ 

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Realtor Monopoly

Realtor Monopoly was back with a vengeance this year! More than doubling in size, and quadrupling our fundraising efforts, the evening was a massive success! Our friends at New Hope received over $10,000, raised from ticket sales, selling monopoly money, bonus cards, and a couple of auction items. Thanks to all those that came out, and our sponsors, White Cloud Productions, Alex McFadyen & The Mortgage Pug, Trading Post Brewing, Boston Pizza, and Excelsior Measuring.

Local media were on site too, which is always a great way to spread the word of the cause, and combat the usual ‘Realtors are evil abusers of the public’ narrative we hear too often!

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Real Estate Video Influencer Award

It’s always an honour to receive awards, and this one is no exception. I heard last week that I was a winner of a ‘real estate video influencer award’, from over 1,300 candidates from across North America.

I was only one of two Canadians in the top ten in the ‘Home Tour + Listing Video’ category, and the fact that it was this category we were awarded in meant a lot to me because it’s the category that most directly benefits our clients.

Thank you to those of you that have trusted me with the marketing of your homes, you personally know the power of these videos; and a special thanks to Jeremy Pue of White Cloud Productions for producing our video content – I couldn’t have done it without you.

If you’d like to see the full award guide, it’s attached below:

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What Am I Paying My Real Estate Lawyer For?

There are lots of professionals involved in a real estate transaction, from the Realtor, to the mortgage broker, to the home inspector, and of course… a lawyer or notary public.

I was recently in a conversation with Jamie Nay of Becker & Company Lawyers about the role of the Real Estate Lawyer and he was inspired to write the below:

“Your realtor and your mortgage broker carry your home purchase (or sale) the first 200 yards. Your lawyer brings it home for the last 20 yards.”
That’s paraphrasing a friend of mine, realtor David Smith, describing the role of a real estate (or “conveyancing”) lawyer. And, you know what? It’s true. By the time the file gets to us, your lawyer, most of the journey is complete. Contracts have been signed, funding has been secured, subjects have been removed. You’re just about there – mere days away from either getting the keys to your new home, or taking your cheque to the bank.

So why do you need to hire a lawyer?…

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