“I want to introduce you to David Smith, a realtor for Royal LePage in Canada… David not only has one of the most interesting and genuinely most fascinating personal stories I’ve heard, but is also doing some of the best work I’ve seen in a long time from a realtor…” – Matthew Shadbolt, New York Times/Inman News.

Matthew Shadbolt – Best Conference Ever Feature

Of all the incredible people I’ve met in the Real Estate industry in the past year, Matthew Shadbolt, formerly of the New York Times and now of Inman News, stands amongst my favourites.

We first met at an event where I was volunteering with the Asian Real Estate Association of America (work that out?!) and immediately hit it off. He very kindly recommended me to some other industry influencers, and that has led to a number of very interesting opportunities to share my heart for people, most notably my talk at Inman Connect San Francisco.

Matthew recently spoke at the ‘Best Conference Ever’ event in Atlanta, where he featured me as an example of ’embedding with a community’. Matthew, I’m grateful for your encouragement, always. Read his feature below:

“Embedding with a community is one of the strongest tactics a realtor focusing on a local market can do. A great example of this is a favorite of mine, David Smith, who works the suburban Vancouver market with Royal LePaige in Canada. David’s mantra is ‘People Over Property, Always.’ and it’s something that’s in the DNA of everything he does. He’s particularly well known for a video series he produces each month called ‘The Local’ where he spotlights a local service such as a food bank, refugee center, school or library. A former pastor, David’s whole approach is that he serves the communities he happens to sell in, and as a result, even though he’s fairly new to the business, he’s growing in incredible ways. If there was ever a polar opposite to the commission breath I spoke about earlier, David would be it.”

It doesn’t get much better than that. Matthew understood my life and business intuitively because he lives similarly. All the best in your transition to Inman, Matthew!

Inman Feature – The Braveheart approach: risking it all in business

Advocate for others, they’ll advocate for you

For David Smith, real estate is simple — “[It’s] people over property,” he said to the crowd of eager listeners at Inman Connect.

Smith transitioned to real estate this year after being a pastor, something people close to him were surprised about because real estate agents tend to get a bad rap for being “predatory and flashy” — two words that seem to be the exact opposite of what Smith is all about.

He reassured doubters with this one statement: “I knew if I was going to build my business, I was going to build it my way.”

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Fraser Valley Real Estate Board Feature – Three diverse Realtors explain what it takes to be a great professional

[David] received a kudo from a peer who declared he was great to work with and said he was “…fair to everyone in the multiple offer situation. Top notch agent!”” – Fraser Valley Real Estate Board.

I’ve been genuinely shocked by some of the incredible honours and opportunities I’ve received this year, but this one is particularly special as it comes from a fellow Real Estate Professional, who contacted the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board to give me ‘kudos’. There are some amazing agents in this industry, and to be singled out is a real encouragement.

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Voted Top REALTOR® in Langley Times Readers Choice Awards!

Here’s a truly lovely article from my brokerage, Royal LePage Wolstencroft, about some of the recent opportunities that have come my way. I’m privileged to be voted one of Langley’s Favourite REALTORS® and grateful for everyone’s kind support. I simply couldn’t do any of this without you wonderful people! Thanks!

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