Meet The Team

David & Lindsay aren’t your usual real estate team. Lindsay uses terms that make David uncomfortable… like ‘Moroccan tile’, ‘butler’s pantry’, and ‘hunter green’; David’s more likely to come out with ‘sales ratios’, ‘targeted advertising’, and ‘pure candour’. That’s a pretty formidable combination! Both having received excellent training and with vast experience in real estate, David and Lindsay’s skillsets support and complement one another to benefit their Buyers and Sellers.

Having observed how David treats his clients Lindsay originally approached David with no intention of working together, simply asking if he would help her build her business. It was quickly apparent to David that Lindsay understood how he was trying to care for people, and with her background in counselling it became obvious to him that perhaps she was the real estate professional that truly could embody the ‘people over property, always’ approach.

Working together has ensured the David Smith Homes Group is well rounded enough to handle any real estate need. Partnering together has ensured both David and Lindsay are able to balance family life and business life, leading to well rested, enthusiastic, and fun communication throughout the process; nobody wants to work with ‘burned out’ professionals. David and Lindsay care for their clients, their families, and each other, because ultimately that’s what this is all about, ‘people over property, always.’

To watch the announcement of Lindsay partnering up with David, see below.

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